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What do we do in the session?

  • These are 1: 1 online Coaching sessions with me.

  • As a coach, my primary role is to create a space for you to think outside the box, learn more about yourself in each session, gain valuable insights, explore your abilities, and cultivate motivation to progress toward your goals.

  • As part of a holistic coaching approach, we examine various aspects of your life and explore them from different perspectives.

  • We will prioritize the topics that are important for you to discuss and begin addressing the major ones.

  • We will use a variety of coaching tools and techniques that best suit you.

  • We will create an action plan filled with exciting and achievable goals.

  • You'll receive weekly updates, including key highlights from your previous sessions, to help you stay on track with your actions and goals.


Can I solve all my problems

in one session?

While one session may not solve all your problems, it can provide clarity, and motivation, and explore various possibilities. If you have prior experience with coaching and grasp the approach, one session might suffice for your specific concerns. However, for those new to coaching or seeking profound exploration and transformation, it is highly recommended to opt for a package of sessions.

"Unlock Your Potential! Schedule a Free Discovery Call with me. Gain insights into our sessions and let's customize the perfect coaching experience for your unique journey. Your path to personal growth begins here."

Choose your pricing plan

  • Online 60-Minute Session (Zoom)

    Valid for 6 months
    • Online 90-Minute Session (Zoom)

      Valid for 6 months
      • Online 90-Minute Session-Relationships

        Designed for two individuals to receive coaching simultaneously (couples, families, friends)
        Valid for 6 months
        • 8-session 'Transform Your Life' Program

          Program for those ready to transform their lives and break out of their comfort zones
          Valid for 12 months
          • 90-minute sessions every week
        • Performance and Connection

          For companies seeking to boost performance and strengthen team connections
          Valid for 6 months
          • Starting at 800 AED for a 90-minute session
        • Communicare Connect

          Enhanced engagement, stronger connections, and added value.
          • ● Everything from Communicare Essential offer
          • ● Access Exclusive Telegram Channel
          • ● Have discussions with Peers 
          • ● 1 Post-Course email discussion with Alex 
        • Communicare Individual

          Engage with like-minded individuals, and gain valuable insights with bonuses.
          • ● Everything from Communicare Connect offer
          • ● Exclusive Bonuses Included
          • ● 30-minute Post course online coaching session with Alex
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