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Mike M, Dubai, UAE

Participating in this coaching experience has truly enriched my life. Choosing Alex as my coach was a decision I'm immensely grateful for. Her empathetic and kind approach creates a space where you feel comfortable and open during conversations. The opportunity to reevaluate various aspects of my life was invaluable. Through this process, I've witnessed a positive shift in my habits, leading to an overall increase in life satisfaction. Alex imparted practical day-to-day techniques that I continue to incorporate successfully. If you are committed to personal growth, I highly recommend choosing this coaching program.

Jen R, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Alex supported me as I was trying to strengthen a professional relationship. Her thoughtful processes, tools, and questions allowed me to clarify my thinking. With her help, I saw a clear path forward.
I felt understood and heard. It was clear that she was listening deeply. She asked follow up questions to gain greater specificity and pushed my thinking when it needed to be pushed.
Our sessions are a productive use of my time. I leave each session feeling calmer, clearer, and armed with new insights into my own thinking.
 I would recommend Alex.

Anastasia A, Dnipro, Ukraine

I am very grateful to Coach Alex for her professionalism and assistance with my issue. After the first consultation, motivation and clarity emerged about where to move forward. Alex is a very sensitive and attentive coach, and I recommend her as a professional specialist! I intend to continue my work with her to improve all aspects of my life.

Jenny N, Dubai, UAE

What a journey! Going from an insecure person to become a self-aware and confident woman. My Personal Development was not an easy task but I'm very glad I was not alone and had great support. Thanks Alex!
I would recommend you.

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